What is the Meaning of Conflict in Your Life? by Paula Owen

The great thing about conflict in your life is that it makes you prioritize what is most important to you. It is great for putting things into perspective clearly and quickly.
When there is a lot of conflict in your life, it is often a time of intensive personal growth. You may be going through some tough times you have not experienced before.
This can be scary and frightening.
Keep in mind at the back of your head that it is all for the best and the silver lining will be clear to you soon enough. Sometimes we resist changing so we are put in situations where we are forced to change.
People who embrace change easily and readily welcome it appear to have less conflict in their lives, than those who avoid change. Or perhaps those who welcome change are not as bothered by conflict than those who are?
Either way conflict can be traumatic if you allow it to be. See if you can find the lesson inside the trauma and then move on as best you can. This doesn't mean that you brush aside your feelings.
Take all the time you need to get your emotions out but do not dwell in a negative state. You will know if you are living in a negative state if you mostly feel down.
The more happiness you feel the more you are leaving whatever conflict you have gone through behind. The only constant in life is change. Nothing ever stays the same. Even if it appears to stay the same you are continuously choosing a similar experience.
Personal growth is necessary and conflict helps us achieve that. The next time conflict arises in your life welcome it as best you can.


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